Playlist October 13th

One punch man destroyed three cities last week, we can only hope they do even better this week!
Room C3-16 might be unavailable, migrate to C4-16 instead.
Looks like C4-16 for all of November.

  • Star-myu musical high school ep 01 – All boys musical ensemble, no idea about this one, hoping its Fantabuloussical!
  • Charlotte ep 13 – supers powers overdrive
  • Attack on titan: chibi high school ep 01  – comedy sitcom edition, maybe they think we won’t notice the total lack of season two.
  • One Punch Man ep 02 – new and exciting things to punch each week! (Piccolo has lots of angry cousins I’m sure)
  • Heavy Object ep 01 – the plot was fired out of a cannon into the sea
  • Durararah! S2 X2 ep 22 – Do any of these people have normal jorbs?