Playlist 26th April

AJAS: Animation Society is Free to attend. The Public (over 15) are welcome to attend, AJAS is every Tuesday from 5.30pm! Shows start at 6:00pm in room C3-16, City East Campus.

Since there’s no playlist up yet I’ll throw up my best guess as to what it will be.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu – ep 06
Usakame – ep 01 (the new Teekyuu)
GATE Season 2 – ep 08
Itoshi no Muco – ep 21
Kiznaiver – ep 02
Boku no Hero Academia – ep 01 (it’s either that or Bakuon!!)
Erased – ep 09
Ojisan to Marshmallow – ep 13 – The REAL Final Episode
Durarara!!×2 Third cour (Ketsu) – ep 11