Playlist 27th November

Christmas Dinner will be at the Coopers Alehouse 7pm, Tuesday the 18th December.
RSVP via sms to 0418 861 376, but there is plenty of room so a few extra is fine.

Our Club is FREE of charge, and the public is welcome.
Screenings run from 6pm to 8.50pm, then we look for food.

New Season of Shows:
Golden Kamuy S2 ep 17
Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure: Golden Wind ep 06
Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Mina ep 07
Zombieland Saga – ep 05
A slime in another world ep 05

Honda-San Bookstore Skeleton ep 06
Mieteru – ep 06
DBZA TFS ep 28