New years resolution 589, update ajas playlist on time. (rhyme?)

  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 9-10 (piano drove my parents to drink)
  • DEATH  PARADE  ep 02
  • Rolling Girls ep 02
  • Aldoah Dead Characters Zero? S2, ep 13-14
  • Durararararararahhhh! ep 01
  • Tokyo Ghoul squarerootA ep 02

We are back, and playlist screenings beginue.

So, what is the playlist?
We’ll polish off the last two shows from last year, and start some new shows.
I am committed to playing two episodes of some shows per night to speed up our anime season progression throughout the year.
A fresher, moist-succulent, more delicious AJAS experience awaits!

  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 7-8 (piano killed my parents)
  • DEATH BILLIARDS PARADE (the word death loves captials) ep 01
  • Rolling Girls ep 01 (energetic show, unlikely to beat kill al kill but time will see)
  • Psycho-Pass S2 ep 10-11 (final)
  • Tokyo Ghoul squarerootA ep 01  (are you aware this show has a square root symbol IN ITS FILE NAME!?, madness. We’ll probably vote this off but I get hungry watching people eat people and not people)