YEEHAW 2015! Playlist & Welcome

We are back, and playlist screenings beginue.

So, what is the playlist?
We’ll polish off the last two shows from last year, and start some new shows.
I am committed to playing two episodes of some shows per night to speed up our anime season progression throughout the year.
A fresher, moist-succulent, more delicious AJAS experience awaits!

  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 7-8 (piano killed my parents)
  • DEATH BILLIARDS PARADE (the word death loves captials) ep 01
  • Rolling Girls ep 01 (energetic show, unlikely to beat kill al kill but time will see)
  • Psycho-Pass S2 ep 10-11 (final)
  • Tokyo Ghoul squarerootA ep 01  (are you aware this show has a square root symbol IN ITS FILE NAME!?, madness. We’ll probably vote this off but I get hungry watching people eat people and not people)