Playlist 28th April

(ASSUME Playlist increments automatically in-case of lazy website update personnel  ;;-)

AJAS Is Completely >> FREE! << , turn up, watch anime, eat junk food!
AJAS runs EVERY Tuesday, we start gathering in the student kitchen near C3-16 at 5pm,, screenings at 6pm to 9pm)

Huge number of slots to fill!  What should we watch? ANIME of course!

  • Hibike Euphorium ep 02  ( star wars cantina band )
  • Arslan Seniki  ep 01 (Let me show you my sword! )
  • Kekkai Sensen ep 01  (Demons in New York )
  • Durararararararahhhh! ep 16 -17
  • Ghost in the Shell: Arise TV ep 01
  •  ….. undecided…. sidonia is a few weeks away… maybe something stupid?