Playlist 9th February

Bone Girl Ashimoto  – ep 07
Dimension W – ep 02
One Punnnnnch! MAN – ep 11
Itoshi no Muco  – ep 10
Ajin – Demi-Human – ep 01
Dagashi Kashi – ep 02
Ojisan to Marshmallow – ep 02
Utawaraemono  – ep 08

I’m keeping Erased ready for Oweek newbies in second week of march.

Last Week we played:

Schwarzesmarken (east germany vs west germany vs aliens?????? vs WTFBBQ)
Phantom World (PANTZZU WORLD)
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Talkfest , people stuck in low quality RPG game)
Koukaku no Pandora (Trainwreck with androids and special “cavities”)
Sekkou Boys (statue idols) (tons of funny cosplay vids on youtube)
Sushi police (terrible art student project)



Subete F ni Naru: The perfect Insider – dropped as its unwatchable

Young Blackjack unwatchable garbage