Playlist 8th March

AJAS is Free to attend. The Public(over 15) is welcome, AJAS is every Tuesday!
In room C3-16 all Feb and March.
Welcome to Oweek newbies!

ActiveRaid was rubbish, so we move on to GATE Season2 – HERE BE DRAGONS!

Bone Hunter Lady Ashimoto  – ep 11
Gate S2 – ep 01
Dimension W – COILS – ep 07
Erased (A japanese groundhog day, crime solving drama, Looks to be best show of season!) – ep 02
Itoshi no Muco  – ep 15
Dagashi Kashi – ep 06
Ojisan to Marshmallow – ep 06
Durarara ra ra ra ra S5 – ep 04 (get your xylophones ready!)