Playlist 13th February

AJAS: Animation Society is on Tuesday’s @ 5.30pm, in C3-16 City East Campus UniSA, North Terrace.
Our Club is FREE of charge, and the public is welcome.
Screenings run from 6pm to 8.45pm, then we look for food.

UniSA Students should join the USASA 2018 Ajas membership at:

Until the End of February, we will tryout some terrible/grreeaaat! shows for fun. The top tier stuff will start after unisa orientation week(probably first week of March)

Grandcrest Senki ep 01
Dagashi Kashi S2 ep 01
Kokkoru ep 02
Kino’s Travels ep  12
Darling in the FranXX ep 03
Magus Bride – Mahoutsukai no Yome ep 13
Killing Bites (so stupid its good) ep 04

Drunk drink maker osake … kara ep 11
Micchiri Neko ep 03