September 11th Playlist

AJAS: Adelaide’s Animation Society is on Tuesday’s @ 5.30pm, meet in the Student Kitchen outside C3-16 City East Campus UniSA, North Terrace.
Our Club is FREE of charge, and the public is welcome.
Screenings run from 6pm to 8.50pm, then we look for food.

New Shows:

Attack on Titan S3 – ep 05(    ep42) attack of the bees and the eagles
High Score Girl ep 03
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro – ep08 – this show is back, but on notice

CELLS at Work – ep09 – platelets, Platelets!, Moar Platelets!!!!
Steins; Gate Zero ep 19
Zow A – Zow A wAA ahhh Tonekowa – ep 05

Working Cats S2 – ep 07
DBZA TFS ep 17