Playlist 30th June

PLEASE NOTE, we have moved to Wednesday’s and are using a new location. Due to problems with Covid & UNISA room bookings, we are cohabitating with the Wonderful Adelaide UNI Video Games club EVAC. This is at ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY, Union Building, Level 5.
AJAS screening will start at 6pm. If main stairwell is locked, use the Gym entry door, or come to the western rear lv5 doors and knock.

The EIGHTY-SIX (battalion) ep 04
Super Cub – ep 01
Golden Kamuy S3 – ep 08
Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song – ep 08
Oh no, I’m a Spider – ep 16
Ijiranaide, Dont Bully Me Nagatoro-san ep 07
Re:Zero S2 – ep 48