Playlist 20th July

Level 5 Union Building at Adelaide University, We are sharing with the Adelaide Uni EVAC Videogames club. Doors open at 4pm, anime screening at 6pm. Doors on level5 leading to the gym from the library stairs are the best entry, as other doors may be locked during break.

New Stuff:
BASTARD! – ep 01 (may contain DDDDark Schneider!!)
Yofukashi no Uta, Call of the Night – ep 01
(TRYOUT a one off:) Isekai Yakkyoku, Parallel World Pharmacy – ep 01
(TRYOUT a one off:) Spriggan Remake – ep 01
Made in Abyss S2 – ep 02
Lycoris Recoil – ep 02

Summertime Render ep 12