Playlist 6th December

Christmas Dinner will be at Okami All you can eat, Glen Osmond Rd, 6pm Wednesday 20th Dec, let me know if you havent rsvp’ed SMS 0418 861 376, currently ten seats booked.

Last screening week will be 13th Dec, then a big break until around feb 14th, as many ppl will be in Japan.

New Stuff:
Apothecary Diaries Kusuriya no Hitorigoto – ep 02
Under Ninja – ep 03
Unluck Undead – ep 03

Dr. STONE S3-part2- ep 18
SPY x FAMILY S2 – ep 08
FRIEREN Beyond journeys end – ep 11
SHY – ep 09

Shiba of the End, dog short – ep 43

EVAC and AJAS have moved to the Hartley (Music) Building due to the renovations at the Union building.
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