Playlist 12th December

This is the last screening of the Year!, Christmas Dinner is Tuesday the 19th at 6.30pm at the Alehouse.

C4-16 again due to weird security shutdown, AJAS will restart on the 23rd of January 2018.

Christmas dinner will be on the 19th, at 6.30pm at The Coopers Ale House. Please rsvp via sms to 0411 234 226, i’ll have a facebook event up soon as well.

Black Clover  ep 10
Kino’s Travels ep  08
Kingdom of Gems(Land of the Lustrous) (Houseki no Kuni) ep 10
Magus Bride – Mahoutsukai no Yome ep 09 & 10
 ep 09

Drunk maker osake … kara ep 07
Aho girl ep 12