AJAS 2018 – Back on January 23rd

Welcome to 2018, we have sobered up and can now prepare for this Anime season.

The seats are being reupholstered in C3-16, so we are in C4-16, upstairs.

We have two gaps in the schedule, and we dont want to start anything serious till the first week after student Oweek.
So ITS VARIETY NIGHT, we will start with the honey badger show. It sounds like a trainwreck, a trainwreck with honey badgers!?
Plus maybe Beatless or a isekai knockoff death march.

Killing Bites (honey badger human hybrids) ep 01
TBA 00
Kino’s Travels ep  09
Kingdom of Gems(Land of the Lustrous) (Houseki no Kuni) ep 11
Magus Bride – Mahoutsukai no Yome ep 11
 ep 10

Drunk maker osake … kara ep 08